Shine on stage in 2019!

Performance Troupe is available to students who enrol in 1 ballet class and 1 other dance styles of their choice. Student’s must be 10 years old or younger on January 1st 2019. 


Performance Troupe:

  • perform at competitions, showcases, concerts and local community events. 
  • performances are scheduled at the beginning of 2019. 
  • members are required to purchase a costume for your troupe. 

You do not want your child to miss out on this great opportunity to make life long memories and friendships!

Solo's & Duo's are available to students who enrol in 1 ballet class and the dance  style they wish to perform on stage e.g. to do a contemporary solo your child needs to do 1 ballet class and 1 contemporary class a week. 

Soloist's & Duo's:

  • are required to compete in a minimum of 4 eisteddfod's a year.
  • are required to cover costume fees, program fees, eisteddfod entry fees. 
  • are required to volunteer their time to perform at local community events as we believe giving back to the community is important.  

If you wish to discuss performance troupe and solo/duo classes please contact Natasha. 

download our 2019 timetable

2019 Term 3 Timetable (pdf)