Can parents watch classes?

At Ascendance our classes are closed (excluding Tiny Stars Level 1) which means parents wait outside the dance room. We require 100% of your child's attention so prefer you watch class from our viewing windows.  

Can I go for a trial class?

Sometimes it can be tricky to figure out if your child is keen to start dance or acrobatic lessons so at Ascendance we offer a free trial class before making a decision to enrol with us. 

What does my child wear for a trial class?

Dress your child in something that is comfortable and easy to move in e.g. singlet top, tights, shorts etc and bare feet.

Can boys join too?

Boys are more than welcome to come join in any of our dance and acrobatic classes.

Is there a enrolment fee?

Our registration fee is $44 per student, per calendar year. It covers your child’s insurance, music AMCOS and administration fees. This enrolment fee is a non-refundable fee as per our terms and conditions. 

What are term fees?


30minutes $9.90incGST

45minutes $13.20incGST

1hour $16.50incGST

Performance Troupe

6/U & 8/U $11incGST

10/U $13.20incGST

Private Lessons (solo/duo)

30minutes $33incGST

45minutes $49.50incGST

1hour $66incGST

1hour15minutes $82.50incGST

Integrapay is our new automated payment system in 2020.

What happens if I want to opt out?

We require two weeks of notice in writing for any child who decides to leave the studio. Your account will be charged up until the end of the term, all fees are due and payable.  

Is my child automatically enrolled into the next term?

When you register your child, you understand the registration is for the full calendar year.  The child’s position in the studio is secured in the current term and all remaining terms for the current calendar year.  This allows us to plan for hiring premises, ensuring teachers and resources are available, and providing the best possible experience for your child.

What does my child wear to class?

Each child enrolled at Ascendance is required to wear our uniform to class. Your child will be fitted and invoiced for a uniform at their first lesson. 

How do I know what class to put my child in?

Our Tiny Star classes are for Pre Schoolers aged 2-5 yo

Recreational stream classes are based on your child school year 

Junior K-2

Intermediate 3-5

Senior 6+

Performance stream classes are based on your child's age

Pre Primary - Turning 6 in 2020

Primary - Turning 7 in 2020

Grade 1 - Turning 8 in 2020

Grade 2 - Turning 9 in 2020

Grade 3 - Turning 10 in 2020

Grade 4 - Turning 11 in 2020

Grade 5 - Turning 12 in 2020

Bronze - Turning 13 in 2020

Silver - Turning 14 in 2020

Gold - Turning 15 in 2020

Bar to Gold - Turning 16 in 2020

What happens if I can't make a class?

Unfortunately we are unable to arrange a make up class as our classes only occur once a week. 

Is it compulsory for my child to do the concert?

Ascendance end of year concert is compulsory as we love to see all our wonderful students performing up on the big stage. Our concert is a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to see what their child has been learning with Ascendance. Our Ascendance concert is a lovely performance opportunity for beautiful little dancers who are just at the very beginning of their dancing ‘career’. It’s a lovely, stress-free chance to put on a beautiful costume and dance on a magical stage in front of family and friends.